About Us

Every year, tens of thousands of patients visit Antlara Dental, and we continue to provide them with more than 20 years of experience. Upon seeing that the majority of our patients came through referrers, we decided to make this advantageous for them. If you have been to Antlara Dental Clinic before for care, you may leverage this to make money for yourself. This initiative is established for the concept of mutual benefit, and it is part of our goal to reward your confidence. Just follow a few simple steps and stay in touch with us.

This offer is restricted to patients who have had their treatments in our clinic before. Only those who have received our high-quality care are accepted as referrers. If you have been treated at our clinic, your digital membership in the Bright Smile Club is activated. You may trace your membership transactions with the digital membership card issued to your e-mail address. 

Each year, Antlara Dental Clinic welcomes tens of thousands of patients, drawing upon over two decades of experience to provide exceptional care. Realizing that a significant portion of our patient base comes through referrals, we have instituted a program to return the benefit to those who have entrusted us with their care. The initiative promotes mutual benefit and honors our patients’ confidence.

For individuals who have previously sought treatment at Antlara Dental Clinic, there exists an opportunity to monetize this association. This initiative is designed to foster mutual benefit and aligns with our commitment to acknowledging and rewarding the trust our patients place in us. By simply adhering to a few straightforward steps, you can participate in this program and remain connected with us.